City Year: working to bridge the gap between what schools want to provide and what students need to excel

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This week I am excited to share our guest blog about a Milwaukee Succeeds partner I am so passionate about, City Year! As Meralis Hood, Executive Director of City Year, describes the role City Year Corps members play in assisting our teachers and students in impactful ways is truly remarkable. The added bonus is the value to our AmeriCorps members who serve with energy, dedication and a sense of a belief in all of our children and their potential! A village approach to inspiring our students to believe they can achieve is effective in part is because of the role City Year corps members play.

Enjoy Meralis’ story.

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At City Year, we believe education has the power to help every student reach their potential; but in vulnerable communities, there are external factors and obstacles students are faced with every day that can interfere with their ability to get to school and show up ready and able to learn. These are the students who need a bit of extra, individualized support. However, there’s a gap between the kind of help they need and the support the schools are are able to provide--which is where City Year comes in.

City Year is working to bridge the gap between what schools want to provide and what students need to excel. In doing so, we're helping increase the graduation rate and making a positive impact in the lives of the students we serve. Our progress can be attributed to a unique, holistic approach, which we call WHOLE SCHOOL, WHOLE CHILD. It’s based around a group of carefully selected, highly trained young adults—our AmeriCorps members—who provide individualized support to at-risk students. Our AmeriCorps members provide whole class support, one-on-one and small group intervention focusing on math and ELA, extended-day tutoring, community and family engagement, and social-emotional coaching.

There is an incredibly important factor that makes City Year's impact so powerful--the relationships. Our AmeriCorps members work closely with their partner teachers and school administrators to analyze the students' skill and create very intentional and individual lesson plans that provide the support their students need. The relationships that our AmeriCorps members build with their students is critical for academic success because of our holistic approach. We provide the time and attention our students need in order to be successful, and these relationships will continue to grow as we expand to all of the schools that need us.

Please, join us at our Opening Day celebration to honor our AmeriCorps members as they enter the school year. It will be held at the Marcus Center (929 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202) at 5:30pm - 7:30pm. RSVP to Betsy Mitchell, by September 20, 2017.

Meralis Hood

Executive Director
City Year Milwaukee

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