Meet Community Engagement Coordinator, Courtney!

Before VISTA Service:

Courtney left her hometown, Sherwood, WI, in 2016 to pursue a bachelors degree at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. During her undergrad Courtney served as vice chair for the Student Appropriations Committee, volunteer coordinator for the UWM Food Center and Pantry, and the treasurer of the Flood — an environmental activism group. She graduated in spring 2020 with an honors degree, BS in Social Work, and a minor in theater.

Choosing VISTA and Milwaukee Succeeds:

Courtney was drawn to the Community Engagement Coordinator VISTA position at Milwaukee Succeeds for a multitude of reasons. She believes a VISTA service year will provide invaluable experience while advancing her social work career. The position also aligns with her passion for community action. During her undergrad Courtney was inspired by prominent civil rights and labor organizers including Ella Baker and Saul Alinsky. She chose the community engagement position at Milwaukee Succeeds because of its emphasis on people-first action and achieving equitable education.

Service Year Goals:

Courtney is eager to engage with, and learn from, community members, partners, and organizations. She is dedicated to expanding her understanding of collective impact and anti-racist action in Milwaukee’s educational system.

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